Bioclimatic Pergola

Customer focus as a hallmark

When you are a customer-oriented firm you look after their well-being above all else. This is something in the corporate DNA that is expressed in day-to-day details, such as making sure the customer is comfortable at all times.


Whether looking at your display windows or inside the establishment, the important thing is that they feel as comfortable as possible while on your premises.

This is the reason that led Porcelanosa to install 3 bioclimatic pergolas P-150, with shared pillars, outside its facilities: to provide a careful shopping experience that pampers the customers in the way they deserve to be.

Manufactured in extruded aluminium of the highest quality and lacquered in RAL 9011 tex in its structure, with RAL 9016 tex in its mobile slats, they manage to integrate perfectly with the corporate visual identity of the brand, making the installation look and feel like an extension of the establishment itself.

This installation guarantees the well-being of all those who visit our establishments, and is proving to be the formula for success in terms of sun protection.

An infallible formula for stopping to look at the shop displays, even on the gloomiest of days.

Saxun’s foolproof formula.


Cabo Roig, Torrevieja.