What Does Your World,
Our Universe Mean?

To you

We exist thanks to you. That’s why we want to stay by your side, offering you a place to grow both personally and professionally, a place that you feel proud every time someone asks you where you work.

To you

Thank you for helping us to make the universe we share grow a little bit more every day. Thank you for continuing to count on us, just like we count on you, providing you with a wide range of solutions so that you can choose the best one for your customers.

To you

A universe doesn’t exist until someone discovers it. You, through your work, help us to build lasting relationships, so that more and more people count on us. Innovating processes and developing quality products with high added value is our way of saying thank you.

To you

Your world is that place you wish you could stay and live. In our opinion, there is nothing more valuable. Because if you let us into your home, your business or your company, we will provide you with an almost infinite universe of possibilities.

Improving spaces for
better living for more
than 60 years


Juan and Pedro, two brothers from Sax, carpenters by profession and heirs to the industrial tradition, founded a small carpentry workshop in the centre of the town, which they called Giménez Ganga.


The personal effort and quality of their first products positioned Giménez Ganga as one of the leading companies in the Alicante area, where the construction sector was booming.


A decade after the company was founded, everybody was already talking about us. The quality of what we do, as well as the fact that our distribution network was growing across Spain, made us a consolidated leader.


Aluminium and other materials arrived and then everything changed. A new concept of rolling shutters was here to stay. Solid shutters were created and the sector underwent a new transformation, and we moved forward with it.


We got a new home. With the nostalgia of leaving the place we started out, but delighted to know that we were growing, we moved to our current premises in the “El Castillo” Industrial Estate in Sax.


Changing century implied changing many more things. We left the country to see the world. In 2006 Saxun was founded, a breath of fresh air for architects, designers and other construction professionals.


It looks like we enjoyed discovering other countries: we reached 70 countries on all continents. Saxun led the manufacturing and distribution of Bioclimatic Pergolas, a new milestone in our history.


Giménez Ganga became our corporate brand and we turned Saxun into our big commercial brand with the widest range of enclosures, solar protection and décor on the market.

There Are Other Worlds,
but They Are in This One

We have 23 distributors in 70 countries with whom we have been working hand in hand for some time now. 23 travelling companions with whom we continue to explore every day and enjoy an exciting journey, with no other goal in mind than to continue to be part of each of our customers’ worlds.

Time is the most valuable thing we have. Having 4 branches and 16 production centres located across Spain allows us to be close to our customers when they need us. This is very important to us.






branches and
production centres

We Are Committed
to Sustainability

As a company, we strive to improve our habits and processes every day so that they are more and more environmentally friendly. We believe in a growth capable of combining ambition with reality and responsibility, using resources efficiently, committing to all those who have counted on us and who form part of the Giménez Ganga universe.

We Live on a
Wonderful Planet,
Let’s Make Sure It
Stays That Way

It is possible to grow up respecting the environment around us, being aware of the great responsibility we have for the world we live in today and the world in which our children will live. We believe that energy efficiency is a fundamental criterion in the development of our products, both in the design of their functions and in the manufacturing process. Initiatives such as Zero Waste, with which we achieve a circular economy of the waste generated, or Zero Net Emissions, an objective we have been working towards for years, are helping us to become an increasingly sustainable and efficient company.


Giménez Ganga’s green lung. The cultivation of different plant species is aimed at absorbing CO2 emissions to help offset our business activity. It serves for recreational and leisure use throughout the year, thanks to a rich and differentiated seasonal chromatic richness.

If We Believe In
Ourselves, We Can
Achieve Anything

100.000 m²

dedicated to production
and storage


coating plants


aluminium slat
profiling lines




corporate vehicles
in our fleet


coating plants


ceiling profiling line


box profiling line


extrusion lines


PVC extrusion

The Universe We
Believe In at
Giménez Ganga

We persevere
with passion

Work, enthusiasm, commitment, honesty and the desire to better ourselves every day have meant that after 60 years, we continue to be close to so many people, families, businesses, companies and institutions. Our intention is to continue to do for many years to come.