Bioclimatic Pergolas are becoming the perfect asset for hotel and restaurant owners

When it comes to fitting out hotel, restaurant and café terraces as simply, quickly and elegantly as possible, this enclosure and sun protection system continues to be the silver bullet.
The system’s variety of models, layouts, colours and finishes can blend with any designed setting and can create the perfect space for enjoying leisure time and the quality and comfort provided us by hotel and catering establishments.

Bioclimatic Pergolas are becoming the perfect asset for hotel and restaurant owners
The hotel and catering sector is preparing for another record high season. There is an increasing need for well-equipped outdoor spaces that can provide the quality service and comfort that customers demand.
To achieve this, they opt for versatile, functional and easy-to-install solutions, such as our Bioclimatic Pergolas.
With their numerous configurations, lightweight structures can be adapted or customised to any space, quickly and easily. Undoubtedly one of the most applauded solutions by hoteliers, as it enables them to elevate their outdoor areas and make them more profitable.
The aim is for the well-being of your customers and their maximum enjoyment of your terraces, gardens or any other outdoor space, even on a golf course. This is the case of the Font del Llop Golf Resort, located in inland Alicante. Its restaurant rests under a configuration of 12 bioclimatic pergolas with shared columns, lateral glass enclosures and Wind Screen sunscreens.
An open space, which allows you to enjoy the impressive views of a golf course in comfort, thanks to the sun protection system and natural ventilation provided by the adjustable slats, which can be oriented from 0º to 135º.
At the gates of the Mediterranean Sea, we find other examples, such as the Meliá Group resorts that have opted to create compositional layouts with our Bioclimatic Pergolas, making the most of their extensive outdoor areas by converting them into breakfast or dining rooms, or spaces for holding events.
In this selection, we highlight Hotel Meliá Alicante which, to celebrate its fifty-year-long history, has decided to renovate its facilities with a compositional layout of six Bioclimatic Duplex P-150 Pergolas, including shared columns capable of adapting to this construction that is already part of the history of the national tourism sector.
Our Pergolas have also formed part of notable urban projects aimed at bringing order and uniformity to the Spanish coastline, such as the Raset promenade in Denia or the Port of Balearia. This latest project used 17 Bioclimatic Pergolas to create a large terrace with sea views.
In more urban areas, there is a modern restaurant with a New Age, sustainability-based philosophy right in the heart of Madrid’s financial district of Charmartín, which is looking to get the maximum use out of its terrace. 
One of the attractions of this solution is that it can be adapted to all times and locations. And to the long summer nights. To this end, we offer hoteliers a wide range of new LED lighting systems in various shades and shapes.
We can install Perimeter LED strips or subtle portholes in the modular slats, or elegant wall lights at various heights in the Pergola columns.
This is a solution that does not require any building work and which allows Horeca spaces to be renovated and made profitable immediately. The solution that will at all times enhance your customers' sense of comfort and enjoyment.

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