From Awning to Bag

At Saxun we are committed to caring for our environment. In addition to investing in renewable energies such as solar panels, which drive our machinery, we are also committed to the Circular Economy and Km0 production, giving new life to waste and turning it into a new handcrafted item, which has now become our favourite piece of corporate merchandising.

From Awning to Bag
“Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it is only transformed" said Antoine Lavoisier in the 18th century and it is still true today. A maxim to follow when it comes to improving our production processes and making them more sustainable.
Because we don't want our leftover awning fabrics to be destroyed, we now transform them into a functional bag, made from scraps of the fabric used to produce our various awning models.
Moreover, it is a Km0 product, handmade in Sax (Alicante), the town where we were founded and flourished. These bags are sewn up by local craftsmen, which makes them a unique product designed to protect your belongings from the sun, whether you are taking a trip or going to the beach, swimming pool or for a walk.
This is the first in a series of handcrafted items made from the awning fabric’s ultra-resistant canvas, which joins our corporate merchandising kit.
An outstanding sustainability project, in which we have set out to give a second chance to the textile waste we generate every day, so that it is no longer surplus to requirements and can be turned into new items.
An action that responds to our commitment to the protection of our environment and planet.

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