Martin's recipes «so you don't burn yourself»

The prestigious chef and ambassador of our Sun Protection systems, Enclosures and Space Decoration solutions is working closely with our "Committed to your Sun Protection " campaign, with some fun spots in which he offers us his culinary expertise and good humour to help you remember to take care of yourself in the Sun. 

Martin's recipes «so you don't burn yourself»
Saxun presents "Recetas para no quemarte” (“Recipes so you don’t burn yourself!”), a series hosted by prestigious chef Martín Berasategui, designed to spread the message of skin care and protection.
We are very proud that the Spanish Academy of Dermatology has chosen us as a partner company to work with the Fundación Piel Sana on sun protection system initiatives.
We quickly got started and asked our best ambassador and friend, chef Martín Berasategui, to get involved in our "Committed to your Sun Protection" campaign.
His friendliness and charm go a long way towards reminding you this summer to "Be careful in the Sun"(Cuidado con el Sol), to "Not get distracted" (No te despistes) and to be "On your guard” (En tu punto).
These are titles of the spots that Berasategui has filmed with Saxun. Thanks to his good nature, they will raise our interest and awareness of the need to care for our skin. You can find this series on our Saxun - YouTube channel.
With a light-heartedness and the use of fun, gastronomic similes, he reminds us to be aware of the Sun’s rays and protect ourselves properly.
Listen to the messages of the 12 Michelin-starred master and share them with your friends and family for a better sun protection system and protection.

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