We took part in the 1st Conference of Fundación Piel Sana in Madrid

We received one of the awards from the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology for supporting the Sun Protection message

We took part in the 1st Conference of Fundación Piel Sana in Madrid
We are Committed to your Sun Protection, and in this endeavour, as well as shading your favourite spaces, we are members of the Healthy Skin Foundation of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, as a Silver member.
Together we work on initiatives oriented towards Sun Protection, such as the 1st Conference of Fundación Piel Sana, "Everything about your skin",  held on 6 April at the Casa de Vacas Cultural Centre, in the heart of Madrid's Retiro Park.
A successful event that brought together more than 6,000 people to disseminate the benefits of protecting the skin from the sun's harmful rays. 
In this sense, as specialists in shading solutions, we share with Fundación Piel Sana our commitment to protect you from the sun, with our awnings, pergolas, blinds, or louvers, from the almost infinite universe of Saxun solutions. In agreement with dermatology professionals, it is important to point out that there is no better protection than prevention and education, and in this sense, we must learn not to expose our skin to the sun, and even less so in an inappropriate manner; indeed, there is no better protection than non-exposure. 
More than 50 professionals gathered at this conference to address such interesting topics as 'healthy habits for skin care'; 'how to take care of your skin at every stage of life'; 'skin care in the commonest diseases and in rare diseases', 'how to achieve the beauty of health'; or 'sexual health, gender diversity and skin'.
A very enlightening day for the general public, as well as for those who suffer from skin diseases, which were spoken about in depth, such as psoriasis, vitiligo, acne, rosacea, atopic dermatitis, scabies, fungus, and other pathologies that worry and occupy those who suffer from them so much. 
In addition, children also participated and showed their creativity through workshops on cap making, soap making, musical games and adventures for "sun explorers" with photo protection games under the shade of the Saxun tent. 
Adults were also able to learn a lot about our skin, thanks to the yoga workshops, skin analysis, self-examination, and videos on the history of dermatology. 
The director of Fundación Piel Sana, Dr. Agustín Buendía, took advantage of this 1st Conference to focus on the "inclusion of all social sectors within dermatology", and the director of AEDV's Fundación Piel Sana concluded by saying "we hope that this event has been the first of many and that we manage to turn it into a space of inspiration and collaboration, where we can work together towards a future where everyone has access to the best possible dermatological care".
For her part, Dr. Yolanda Gilaberte, chairperson of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, added that the duty of dermatologists is "to transmit healthy habits, as we cannot conceive of beautiful skin if it is not healthy", and "to have been able to teach the attendees how to take care of their skin and how to improve the quality of life of dermatological patients who also came to learn about their pathologies."
A day supported by Madrid City Council, through the El Retiro District, and by Madrid Salud. 
Prior to the celebration of the 1st Conference of Fundación Piel Sana, on Friday 5 April, the Cecilio Rodríguez Gardens in El Retiro Park hosted the inaugural event to recognize those people, institutions or entities that support the foundation’s cause through the presentation of 18 awardsone of which was handed to Saxun, of which we are very proud.
We would like to congratulate Fundación Piel Sana for organising this encounter and for thus allowing us to participate and lead in spreading the message about the need to protect our skin, in this case, by keeping us in the shade. Providing shade for spaces is essential in reducing our exposure to the outdoors.
We remain committed to the enormous work of Fundación Piel Sana and the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and to your Sun Protection.
Follow us and we will tell you about more initiatives to take care of and protect yourself from the sun. 

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