Our V series Louver range expands with the new V-50, V-75 and V-90 LED versions

Discover the new V-50, V-75 and V-90 LED fixed slats — the most elegant way to protect large façades.

Our V series Louver range expands with the new V-50, V-75 and V-90 LED versions
Louvers are one of the most striking construction solutions due to their elegance, versatility and design. Such products allow professionals to construct the buildings of the future, cladding façades and roofs with access to endless possibilities to insulate them from the cold or heat and create elegant, unique atmospheres.
Façades are a building's calling card, and louvers help to increase their aesthetic value while improving thermal and visual comfort. They help to create spaces with almost zero energy consumption, which is highly desirable in today's society.
Thanks to the continuous process of improvement and innovation to which we subject our solutions and processes, we’re delighted to present a series of new products in our Louvers line, which have sparked the interest of professionals at various recent major national and international exhibitions such as Architect@Work, REBUILD and MADE Expo Milan.
We hereby introduce you to our revamped family of elegant V-series louvers. We’re referring, of course, to the new V-50, V-75 and V-90 louvers, composed of fixed extruded aluminium slats anchored via pressure clipping on an extruded profile — a double aluminium structural support. The V90 LED offers the option to incorporate lighting into the slats.
They are perfect for façade cladding, both for residential and industrial use, giving an avant-garde touch to any building. Ideal for closing gaps between walls or fencing off gardens, they allow for effective light admittance.
Among their many benefits, they assist with solar control while enhancing the aesthetic value of all types of buildings. They allow for efficient daylight management, filtering direct light, reducing internal heating and reducing the need for air conditioning systems.
BIM products
Saxun has an extensive library of solutions in BIM format — most notably including its family of louvers — with around a hundred 3D files, to facilitate the application and design of this architectural solution. At www.saxun.com you can access the BIM library of Saxun solutions for download.
Elegance, functionality and versatility in a single solution. 

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