AESSO, the Spanish Association for Shading and Dynamic Solar Control , is here

We are one of the seven founding companies of this Association, which aims to publicise the benefits of Sun Protection Systems in buildings

AESSO, the Spanish Association for Shading and Dynamic Solar Control , is here
We present to you AESSO, the Spanish Association of Shading and Dynamic Solar Control, whose purpose is to disseminate, guide and promote the value of Sun Protection Systems in the construction process.
We are one of the seven founding brands of this new Association of manufacturers of blinds, awnings, pergolas, curtains and solar control mechanisms, committed to promote the benefits of Sun Protection solutions. 
AESSO aims to encourage the recognition of our products as sustainable and energy-efficient solutions that guarantee comfort and energy savings in interior spaces. Sustainable solutions, capable of reducing the overheating of buildings and optimising the management of natural light.
As a founding company, one of the challenges is to ensure, in the design and prescription of buildings, that our solutions are taken into account from the very beginning of the process, so as to reduce energy consumption and achieve real and effective savings.
Our aim is to give a voice to the Industry dedicated to the production of dynamic solar control solutions that contribute to the achievement of the European energy targets.
Solar shading will be key to complying with the Energy Efficiency in Buildings Directive, which is aiming for a zero-emission and decarbonised building stock by 2050.
It should be noted that AESSO is a member of ES-SO, the European Solar Shading Organisation, based in Brussels, that has been working for years to disseminate and promote the correct shading of buildings.
We face critical challenges in the building sector, such as sustainability, energy efficiency and climate change.
At a time when sustainability is becoming more of an urgent obligation than an option, a passive cooling system is a must.
Energy efficiency
AESSO's proposal combines the search for solutions that ensure maximum energy efficiency for optimal well-being and improved quality of life, with the aim of creating a purposeful message that will endure for future generations.
Climate change
Solutions to mitigate the terrible effects of climate change must go hand in hand. This is where sun protection proposes essential measures in terms of habitability. 
Global Shading Day
With this objective of spreading the word on the benefits of dynamic solar control, it is worth noting that on 21 March 2024 we celebrated the first Global Shading Day. This milestone enables us to raise awareness of the benefits of sun protection for people, ecology and the planet's economy. An event that we highlight every year. 
Unions for the future, to work together for effective solar control. 

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