Committed to caring for children's skin

We received 4th year primary school children in Sax to give them simple guidelines to protect and care for their skin against the effects of the sun.
An activity included in our Committed to your Sun Protection campaign. 

Committed to caring for children's skin
Our children are the future, and we must protect them, educate them and give them the necessary guidelines to establish good habits.
As specialists in Sun Protection solutions, we have launched the campaign Committed to your Sun Protection, with the idea of helping to raise awareness of the need to take care of our skin in the sun.
In this case, we believe that children can help us a lot in spreading the message about skin care and protection to their family, parents and grandparents.
That is why on the 13th of December we invited 4th grade school students from Sax, where our central facilities are located, to visit us so we could give them information about how they should protect their delicate skin.
For this purpose we have the invaluable collaboration of Dr. in Dermatology Natalia Pastor, a member of the Spanish Association of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV), who gave children a very entertaining and illustrative talk on the dangers of the sun and on proper sun protection. 
Dr. Pastor spoke to them about the different types of skin and the appropriate ways to protect it at different times of the year and in different circumstances. Simple guidelines, capable of being internalised so that they become a daily habit.
We love to see how well children respond to the message and pick up the information to make it their own and pass it on to their parents and teachers.
At the same time, children were able to visit the facilities and learn about the manufacturing process of Saxun's Sun Protection systems and Enclosure solutions.
A very satisfactory activity for us and for the children, which has been possible thanks to the collaboration of the different schools. We appreciate the effort and response of both the management and the teachers in this activity.
The children took home a bag of goodies, including a key ring Ultra Violet (UV) ray meter, so that they can measure the incidence of sunlight at any time.


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