We participate in the RECERCO Project to give a second life to floor and ceramic waste

As a supplier of building materials, we contribute to this ambitious circular economy project promoted by the Institute of Ceramic Technology

We participate in the RECERCO Project to give a second life to floor and ceramic waste
Our environmental commitment drives us to accept challenges and participate in projects that promote circular economy actions, which are fundamental for today's business development.
In this sense, we are participating in an ambitious and attractive project, which aims to reuse the waste generated in the manufacture of ceramic floor and wall tiles.
We are referring to the RECERCO Project, led by the Institute of Ceramic Technology (ITC-AICE), together with the Technological Institute of Plastics (AIMPLAS), in which Giménez Ganga collaborates as a supplier of construction materials.
Our collaboration consists of the development and use of sustainable raw materials for the production of PVC profiles.
The ITC and AIMPLAS aim to revalue the waste that is generated when manufacturing floor and wall tiles, such as the remains of fired sherds from tiles of very different models and types, which have been discarded in the manufacturing process because they do not have the level of quality required by the market.
what do we do with this waste, we treat it and turn it into raw material for a second life. Never throw it away.
The aim is to incorporate this waste, duly treated, as a secondary raw material both in the manufacture of new ceramic tiles and in other applications for the construction sector where it can form part of polymer matrix composites, which are used in the construction sector.
It is in this step of the process that our collaboration in the project resides. Our laboratory has developed a series of tests and trials to give these wastes a new use and prevent them from being dumped in landfills.
Lower impact
Thanks to proper management, it is possible to minimize the environmental impacts associated with these wastes and the dependence on certain virgin raw materials, such as white clay or minerals such as calcium carbonate or talc.
Furthermore, RECERCO offers the capacity to create new products with high added value from an environmental point of view.
In this way, a waste generated in our closest industry becomes a raw material of interest in the building sector of the same community, establishing a circular economy that recycles 100% of waste within the ceramics sector, as well as establishing a synergy between the ceramics sector and the plastics sector in the area of construction.
We are convinced that it is possible to grow while respecting the environment around us, which is why we support and collaborate in circular economy projects, such as the one offered by ITC and AIMPLAS.
The project is still under development, and we look forward to hearing about its results and benefits when it is completed.
Sustainability and growth go hand in hand.

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