Glass Curtains

The ideal glass enclosure

Azur glass curtains are sliding and folding type enclosures for balconies, terraces and porches.

A simple and elegant solution that allows you to completely close or open a space. They are made up of independent glass panes, without vertical aluminum profiles; with the ability to slide and fold towards one of the ends of the enclosure, they are stacked in it.

Due to their characteristics, they are very versatile when it comes to adapting to a wide variety of facade types and, in addition, they allow the cleaning of glass from the inside, in a comfortable and safe way.

Comfort for outdoor stays. Protects from wind and rain.

Easy access for maintenance and cleaning in the safest and most comfortable way.

Facilitates closing outdoor spaces increasing thermal comfort.

Easy, fast and elegant integration in any type of architectural facade.

Spaces that take on a new dimension

Wide and optimized spaces, indoors and outdoors, are possible with solar protection elements and state-of-the-art technical curtains.

One of the great advantages offered by folding glass curtains is the possibility of cleaning from the inside of both sides of the glass, both internal and external, and this is so because by folding down and stacking each one of the leaves, they are easily accessible from inside the house.

There are several types of joints in the enclosure that give it a high degree of tightness, contemplating drainage elements to evacuate said eventual entry of water.

Built with aluminum and monolithic glass, a closed space with a glass curtain offers clear protection against weather and environmental factors from the outside.

Azur glass curtains reduce ambient noise by around 10dB, representing approximately 50% reduction in perception for the human ear and therefore a great increase in comfort in the closed space.

Sliding Glass Curtain Astron

The perfect sliding glass curtain for restaurants, terraces and room dividers.

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Folding Glass Curtain Azur

The perfect folding glass curtain for balconies, terraces and porches.

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