White 50537

Opaque 622 offers maximum protection against heat, light and weather thanks to the matte finish that matches the style of the most modern sun protection systems. It is a lightweight, durable and recyclable material that also incorporates Precontraint technology.

Technical specifications:
Roll width: 250 - 267 cm
Weight per m2: 750 gr
Weight per m2: 0,63 mm
Standard length piece: 50 ml
Tensile tear: 20/20 daN
Tensile strength: 230/220 daN/5 cm
Fire classification: M2/ NFP 92-507, B1/DIN 4102-1, M2/UNE 23.727-90, BS 7837, 1530.2 & 3, AS NZS
Recommended use: Outdoor
Maintenance: Damp cloth and mild soap on both sides

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