Blanco 8102

Thanks to X-Tension technology, these fabrics offer greater resistance to deformations and tears. Its optimized tension principle achieves optimal winding.

Inspired by the weaving procedures used by the aviation industry, it allows a better distribution of mechanical stresses, preserving all the awning’s performance.

Technical specifications:
Roll Width: 120 cm
Weight per m2: 390 gr
Fabric thickness: 0,45 mm
Standard length piece: 50 ml
Tensile strength: Warp 130 daN/5 cm | Weft 130 daN/5 cm
Tear resistance: Warp 15 daN | Weft 15 daN
Water impermeability: >4000 mm
Fire classification: Fireproof Class 1
Recommended use: Outdoor
Maintenance: Damp cloth and mild soap on both sides

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