Exterior Protection Tarpaulins

The ideal finish for perfect protection. Each one of the Saxun fabrics, as well as the aluminum lacquer, has been designed and manufactured to provide the necessary protection that guarantees that neither the passage of time nor atmospheric conditions will affect its stability and protection capacity.

The ease with which it combines its colors helps it integrate perfectly into any facade and architectural style.

The possibility of manufacturing in any measure, ensures the ideal shadow projection on each space.


The daily needs of each consumer require diverse solutions adapted to each of the products. Therefore, our range of colors, textures and designs, designed to ensure maximum comfort, are adapted to the needs of architects and interior designers from around the world. The mass tinting system ensures that the color remains intact despite the passage of time and weathering.

Acrylics Fantasy

Classic or daring combinations result in spectacular shades that are mixed with classic designs where fashion and style come together to create a unique sampler. The possibilities are virtually endless.


The fabrics made of PVC stand out for being totally waterproof, withstanding heavy rains and winds. It is especially effective in humid environments, helping to keep the interior of the room always dry.


Soltis is a range of composite fabrics for sun protection applications indoors or outdoors. Perforated, waterproof and even opaque, they offer according to your needs, outward visibility, protection from heat or weather or total privacy.

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