Vision System: A trick of the light

Have you ever wished that night would come sooner so you could fall asleep? Did you not think it was possible to achieve total darkness in a room during the day, without using traditional blinds?


 Vision, the powerful protection system that turns light into dark.

With this invention, the power of control is guaranteed.

For those who don’t know, VISION is the ideal solution for controlling the lighting, and therefore the privacy, of a room. A functional and versatile system that’s easy to use and that lets you change daytime settings to night settings in the blink of an eye.

The trick lies in the versatility of its characteristic bands.

VISION is available in alternate finishes – translucent and opaque, with an option to combine both finishes, so, with a simple gesture, you can adapt the room for daily activities or for simply resting, regardless of the time of day.

For these reasons, VISION is a must-have for those who sleep during the day or simply need to change, quickly and easily, from a daytime to a night-time environment, and vice versa.

Personalisation, a Saxun commitment.

This interior sun protection system can be fully customised, just like most of the company’s products.

A wonderful trick of the light with a wide collection of vibrant fabrics and bright colours for those who like to stand out, all while being easily adaptable to the décor of any room.

A variety that will undoubtedly meet the aesthetic expectations of even the most demanding projects.

Its wide range of colours will, however, also give the room a modern and unique quality, providing a contemporary feel to the space that would be very difficult to achieve without the chromatic nuances.

This is why designers and decorators have relied heavily on it, as a strong, current trend.

VISION also features a wide range of accessories, fully compatible with Saxun’s CLS solutions – another advantage that facilitates its use in any project, aiding in the handling for the end user.

In short, a solution that guarantees your well-being at any hour of the day.