All the stars under the same canopy

“Your world, our universe.”
The result of a logical transition and a statement of intent.


We start the year by taking big decisions, and with Saxun developing into the trademark for all Giménez Ganga products.

A commitment to development, growth and modernity that has guided us since our very beginnings, more than 60 years ago.

In this way, we consolidate Giménez Ganga as a corporate brand and Saxun takes on the role of “masterbrand”. This implies that Giménez Ganga will have a corporate role, supporting the Saxun brand, and providing answers to issues such as corporate social responsibility, institutional relations, etc.

The Saxun trademark extends to all of our company’s products, with the sole purpose of contributing to the well-being and happiness of people through solutions that improve their living spaces. “That is our raison d’être, our North Star, and we are sure that it will shine ever brighter because it has the backing of Giménez Ganga as a corporate brand, giving the company its name and transmitting passion, work, enthusiasm, honesty and the desire for self-improvement day after day,” says Pedro Giménez Barceló, CEO of Giménez Ganga.

After persevering for more than 60 years, Giménez Ganga is a company committed to the community and to sustainable development, offering solutions with guaranteed quality and with a clear vocation for service. The same ones that have helped us build lasting relationships with so many people, families, businesses, companies and institutions.

All the solutions we manufacture in Giménez Ganga are now under the Saxun brand, allowing you to relax with the peace of mind of knowing that what matters most to you is protected, to maintain an environment’s ideal temperature, to show off your home on the inside as well as the outside, and to let the sun in only as much as you want, and when you want.

In short, Saxun is strengthened and will improve spaces for better living, making people’s lives easier thanks to our awnings, pergolas, window and door shutters and louvers, mosquito screens, curtains and blinds, compact and rolling shutters, Alicatina and PVC shutters, garage and commercial doors, folding doors and ceilings, automatic glass doors, motorisation and automatisms, and glass curtains.

A new beginning for Saxun, which represents an opportunity to welcome into its raison d’être those who enjoy our products (the final customer, without neglecting our channel) through an attractive brand, which is appealing, and which has possibilities within the new markets we aim to conquer.

Saxun offers the widest range of enclosures, solar protection and decorative treatments on the market to improve the spaces in your life, accommodating your needs and style, so that you can feel secure and at ease.

Saxun. Your world, our universe.