Selection of Saxun fabrics aesthetics in the care of each space

Saxun presents a new collection of tarpaulins designed to create new configurations in the most extensive range of sun protection systems.

With the guarantee of the best suppliers, the latest design trends can be offered with the guarantee of optimum performance.

Made with the highest quality materials, they adapt perfectly to all Saxun products.

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The daily needs of each consumer require diverse solutions adapted to each of the products. Therefore, our range of colors, textures and designs, designed to ensure maximum comfort, are adapted to the needs of architects and interior designers from around the world. The mass tinting system ensures that the color remains intact despite the passage of time and weathering.


Soltis is a range of composite fabrics for sun protection applications indoors or outdoors. Perforated, waterproof and even opaque, they offer according to your needs, outward visibility, protection from heat or weather or total privacy.


The fabrics made of PVC stand out for being totally waterproof, withstanding heavy rains and winds. It is especially effective in humid environments, helping to keep the interior of the room always dry.

Acrylics Fantasy Sauleda

Classic or daring combinations, they result in spectacular hues that blend with classic designs where fashion and style come together to create a unique showcase. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Acrylics Fantasy Docril

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