Infinite possibilities

Saxun offers a wide variety of curtains and blinds with attractive, elegant designs that adapt to all settings, making them unique.

These systems provide you with complete control over your privacy, as you can adjust light entry. This, in turn, will help you to obtain greater power savings.

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The Fantasy fabrics are made with natural materials that provide a warm, welcoming ambiance to the blinds where they are installed. Although they are ideal for rustic settings, their use need not be limited to country homes or chalets, since the quality of these materials also endows them with a distinctive touch.

Digital printing

New digital printing technologies allow us to personalise and create the widest range of designs, so we can adapt our taste to the interior decoration. All of this, with a quality and durability guarantee that only a brand such as Saxun can provide: high-protection UV system, high-service technical fabrics and spectacular finishes.

Opaque fabrics

The opaque fabrics used by Saxun provide total protection against solar light and radiation, blocking 100% of the light beating down on the fabric. In this fashion, it provides total darkness for rooms, ideal for the home, offices and businesses. During the day, it totally blocks light entry. At night, it provides an optimum degree of privacy, blocking visibility from the exterior.


The Print collection has a design that can adapt to any and all of your needs, providing technical and decorative solutions to any space. A wide range of colours and motifs for bedrooms, study rooms, kitchens, etc. Fabrics for Rolling Shutters, 100% made from resin polyester, they are easy to clean with a damp rag.

Pleated blinds

Special fabrics for this type of blind, with specific properties, that offer a wide range of colours, ranging from soft pastels and subtle, warm and earthy tones, to shining, bright colours. With a great variety in textures and exclusive designs, including magnificent ornamental damasks and elegant Jacquards, as well as several transparencies, the pleated fabrics are also dust-repellent.

Sax Screen

This type of fabric, with all of its different degrees of openness, provide for perfect visibility toward the exterior, as well as optimum light filtration. They have a greater reflection effect than other fabrics, and also avoid transmitting light inside of rooms, areas and/or buildings where placing another sort of protection and darkening element is not applicable or feasible.

Fiberglass screen

These fabrics have very good mechanical and dimensional stability characteristics. They are optimum for use both outside a window and for closure like a blind. They have great transparency and light-entry control, as well as thermal comfort thanks to their solar radiation protection. An outside view is available, while inside, visual control is excellent, avoiding reflections on the fabrics.


Collection of fabrics with different characteristics that gently filter light, providing for a warm, welcoming ambiance. This fabric’s surface is slightly rough and irregular, transmitting the beauty of the Orient. This is ideal for moist settings, as the anti-microbial treatment acts against microbes, preventing their proliferation. Given that the composition is free from PVC and allogens, this fabric is environmentally respectful. Unbeatable price.

Aluminium venetian blinds

These blinds add style and personality to your rooms. The horizontal system and the warmth of wood makes them a wise choice when designing elegant, welcoming decorative schemes. Achieve perfect harmony in rooms in every decorative style and enjoy easy control over natural light.

Wooden venetian blinds

Ideal for use in offices, studios and in the workplace, Aluminium Venetian Blinds are excellent for creating avant-garde settings. They are a perfect fit with a variety of decorative styles. The new CLS collection for 50 mm slats makes it even easier, with combinations of textile tapes for a bespoke effect.

Vision and Duatex

These fabrics are expressly used for our Vision model. They combine horizontal, opaque and translucid slats, superimposed over each other. This creates a pleasant effect, all while providing for perfect light adjustment.This is a collection of attractive colours that adapt to all environments. A hallmark effect created by two transparent nets that come together to créate a venetian blind. This blind filters sunlight and gives rooms a special warm feeling.