The versatility of the most elegant casing

The new Mitra model is a compact casing with a unique aesthetic that meets all types of architectural demands.


It has been specifically designed to guarantee its durability, ensuring the maximum performance of its fabric and structure over a very long period of time.

This model also reduces the product’s maintenance requirements and is easy to install, ensuring its popularity among both users and professionals.

Maximum protection

The properties of the canvas enable it to regulate the sun’s radiation, resist climatic conditions and project up to 24m² of shade.

This last detail demonstrates the model’s impressive adaptability to installation on terraces of both homes and businesses.

Complete versatility 

The range of manufacturing sizes allows us to offer dimensions that can be adapted to the users’ requirements. The model has a maximum line of 6m and a maximum extension of 4m.

It can also be installed with an inclination ranging from 6 to 60º, meaning it easily adapts to the façade of any building.


Designed to assist professionals 

The wide chromatic range of fabrics and canvases, alongside the hidden fixture elements, provide this model with an added aesthetic value that will satisfy architects’ and decorators’ requirements.

This easy integration into its surroundings, alongside the simplicity of this model’s support and adjustment systems, which do not require completely extending the awning, create an added extra for professionals who wish to incorporate the model into their most ambitious projects.