The magic of preserving every moment

Today, in Homes that Beat, we are going to talk about how to maintain privacy home at a time when there may be many curious eyes eager to know what we’re up to.


A few days ago, we woke up to a news item published in the newspaper La Vanguardia, which spoke of how, as the hours we spend at home increase, so do the challenges of living alongside the other people in our apartment buildings, who we only encounter a few hours a day under normal circumstances.

Some of these challenges noise from other homes, smells or misuse of common spaces, but on other occasions, the issue is something that can be easily solved with Saxun Roller Blinds: voyeurism.

The word voyeurism, which comes from French, describes those people who enjoy watching what other people get up to in private.

The boredom of being stuck at home and the short distance between windows in narrow streets leads people to give in to their nosy urges, turning their neighbours daily lives into an episode of Big Brother, where the contestants are participating against their will.

Saxun, with its wide variety of fabrics and opening options that users can choose from, can be of great help to those who want to protect their family from these invasive eyes.

Smart-home and automated blinds that can be configured to automatically close every day at a specific time to protect what is most important to us.

Because peace of mind is one of the things that we value most in our home.