The light: the best ally for those who are working at home

Working at home may seem great to those who get stuck in traffic jams trying to enter the city every day, but doing it on a regular basis can have consequences on the mental health of working people.


Today, in Homes that Beat, we are going to talk about how light can help us maintain emotional balance at a time when our entire working day is spent at home.

The fact is that working without any interaction with other people creates a kind of social isolation that, in the long term, can lead to problems when it comes to relating to other people.

It is quite normal for this kind of isolation to trigger anxiety disorders, so even if you are working from home, you should still try to maintain frequent contact with friends and family.

And these are not the only drawbacks of working from home. Not being able to separate your workplace from your home environment can cause physical reactions such as headaches or a feeling of suffocation.

What do the experts advise us to do?

Take the following tips into consideration to overcome these challenges:

  • Have a routine and stick to it: Follow a set schedule that marks the beginning and the end of the working day. 
  • Do exercise: At the end of your working day, switch off from your work through physical activity to relax your mind and awaken your body.
  • Create separate environments: Even if you have to spend all your time in the same room, elements such as light are key for setting up different spaces to help you to switch off. 

With regard to this last piece of expert advice, Saxun has the perfect solution that is available for every household. 

This solution is Estor Vision, which creates a day and night effect and allows the user to regulate the entry of light. It can be opaque at night, allowing dim light to enter in the afternoon and taking advantage of the morning light to illuminate the entire room.

By doing this, users can switch off from a hard day’s work and relax with just one movement of the blind, all in the same room.

A solution that, today more than ever, will help keep to keep your life in balance when you’re working from home.