Sun protection for the Horeca sector

Autumn is arriving, and with it the time of year when the most business refurbishments are carried out. To do this, Saxun offers you the most cost-effective range of sun protection solutions available to expand the options for hotels, restaurants and cafés.


Choosing to rely on Saxun’s blinds, curtains, awnings and pergolas is a business decision that will satisfy companies pursuing their growth with a smart investment strategy.

Space enlargement
Saxun’s Bioclimatic Pergolas are the easiest way to expand the living space of a business, by gaining an additional room where a larger number of customers can be served throughout the year.

This has been done by the Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Hotel, which has increased the floor space available not only for lunch or dinner, but also for accommodating a greater variety of events.

The minimalist and easily adaptable straight lines, together with the range of colours available, ensure that there is no decoration or architectural style to which they can’t adapt easily whilst maintaining the aesthetic sensibilities of the space.

Thanks to its sealing and slat opening systems, and the option to install Wind Screens at the sides, the space will always be protected and will avoid both cold and hot air leaks, maintaining the optimum temperature both in winter and in summer.

This maintenance of the ideal temperature results in a reduced need for indoor air conditioning, which means that the use of electrical appliances decreases, along with your electricity bills.