Saxun Sun Protection Systems: The indispensable catalogue for leading designers.

We are launching a new digital sun protection catalogue as a professional reference manual.


Having just entered the hot months of the year, we need to protect ourselves from high temperatures. And what better way to do that than by creating thermal barriers (inside and outside) that help to keep rooms at optimal temperatures. Even more so when there is a wide variety of products designed specifically for the purpose, that can be motorised and automated to allow them to be controlled from anywhere via an easy to use app.

The purpose of the new Saxun catalogue is to show design professionals round the world the infinite variety of options for sun protection that we have, so that they can incorporate those options into their projects as each project demands.

The catalogue is a valuable reference tool, easy to use and aesthetically pleasing, which brings together the multitude of options and possibilities to customise Saxun’s products to meet the end user’s needs in a practical way with the most appropriate solution, ensuring complete satisfaction. A Guarantee of success.

A point of reference for the industry

Saxun has the most extensive catalogue of Sun Protection Systems in Spain, making the firm a point of reference in architecture, interior design, and decoration. The catalogue brings to professionals a wide variety of innovative and avant-garde solutions with an infinite number of possible configurations. Fabrics, colours and shapes can all be selected individually to ensure that the final configuration of the product meets the requirement. Saxun’s experience in enclosures and sun protection systems has made it an established player in the industry. Its wealth of experience ensures that its carefully designed products are more hard-wearing and guarantees practicality in use for the customer. This is more than clear from products such as technical curtains, blinds, awnings, Wind Screens and Bioclimatic Pergolas.

The outcome of a way of understanding work

Saxun’s business philosophy means it provides comprehensive home protection solutions. This digital high-quality and easy to use catalogue makes it clear to the user what they need and how it can be achieved. That philosophy has enabled the company to install its products in many homes that are among the finest in Spain and internationally and in some of the most exclusive restaurants, as you can downloaded it here.