Saxun presents its new Wind Screen 85

After the market’s excellent reception of its Grazia and Dante Wind Screen systems, Saxun has decided to go one step further and present a new product aimed at covering smaller gaps.


This is the Wind Screen 85, designed by the Giménez Ganga R+D team, following its philosophy of offering maximum performance to face all kinds of weather conditions.

Specially designed to cover windows up to 3 metres wide and 2.5 metres high, it offers the same level of resistance to weather conditions as its big brothers, withstanding winds of up to class 5 thanks to its rack and pinion system.


A step forward in home automation technology

The new Wind Screen can be fully automated and made entirely domotic, thanks to the option of including rain and wind sensors so that the system acts autonomously according to weather conditions and the house’s protection requirements.  This aspect, in addition to the option of configuring scenarios in which the product is integrated with the rest of the home’s solar protection systems, favours the user’s ability to regulate the solar incidence in their home just by pressing a button on their mobile phone.



Usability and functionality for the installer

However, what really makes the new Saxun Wind Screens stand out from the competition is their capacity for providing more benefits in terms of functionality and usability, both during assembly and installation and in their daily use. This ease of installation and use is complemented by a case which includes felt within the back section of the drawer to prevent the fabric rubbing against the guide when ascending and descending, thus ensuring a longer lifespan.



Comfort for the user

And if the product guarantees the comfort of the professional during their work, it should also do so for those who decide to install it in their homes to enjoy as part of their daily lives, ensuring optimal light control and avoiding glare that hinders visual comfort within the space. This visual comfort goes hand in hand with thermal comfort, as Saxun’s Wind Screens are designed to control solar incidence and keep the interior of the room at the right temperature at all times.

A solution that meets the needs of the most demanding professionals and users. Discover more at