Saxun on the cover of the Hospitality Equipment magazine

In no.177 of the Hospitality Equipment magazine, a specialised publication in the Contract and Horeca sector, Saxun’s multiple solar protection systems are displayed.


With the arrival of good weather, the acclimatisation of the hospitality and restaurant sectors’outside areas gets underway to ensure their businesses’ maximum possible performance.

To ensure the success of any of these terraces or gardens, there should be no lack of sun protection systems safeguarding customers from direct contact with the sun, without inhibiting their enjoyment of outdoor leisure time.

This aspect is the one, which the Hospitality Equipmentmagazine emphasises in its new edition, devoting special attention to the solar protection solutions made available by Saxun.

The most common systems in this sector are horizontal and vertical awnings, as they allow multiple possibilities for sun protection. However, Saxun also offers an innovative and wide range of awnings that are becoming increasingly popular in HORECA sector projects.

For example, the Veranda model, on the cover, provides optimum sun protectioncreating cosy and comfortable spaces that aesthetically enrich your business. Awnings like the Eos or the Giotto Plus offer the possibility of adding different modules together to increase general dimensions.

However, if there is a star product, it is the Saxun Bioclimatic Pergola, a system capable of protecting its users throughout the year from inclement weather. Its high functional and aesthetic value have made it the ideal solution for all types of HORECA projects.

In this way, the Saxun systems presented here in the Hospitality Equipment magazine combine energy saving with sophisticated designs that contribute to increase a sense of well-being and quality of life.