Saxun interviews Mikel Iturriaga

A while back, we released the third chapter of La Sombra de Berasategui, but we still have unpublished material that remains more relevant than ever, despite the amount of time that’s gone by.


One example is the interview we conducted with its co-star, the food critic Mikel López Iturriaga, Director of El Comidista at the El País newspaper.

In a ten-minute conversation, our colleague Fran Mollar spoke with him about the most important factors in creating a dining experience to meet the expectations of increasingly demanding customers.

They chatted and reflected on topics such as the need to establish a restaurant’s character to differentiate it from the competition or the desirability of making the outside of the restaurant more attractive.

A conversation that for all professionals will undoubtedly prove to be thought-provoking.

Don’t miss it.”