Saxun In&Out: The essential catalogue for interior design studios is back!

After the showers of April, May is finally here, bringing with it the busiest season for those of us working in sheltering people from the sun: spring.


As the temperature rises, people worldwide are realising they need to protect both indoor and outdoor spaces against heat loss to keep those spaces at a comfortable temperature so that everyone can enjoy them.

And to tell the whole world about the best forms of integrated protection, we are publishing our new In&Out catalogue, with its refined aesthetic and ease of use, that showcases all our solutions for protection in the home in the broadest sense.

A point of reference for the industry

Thanks to this book – which year after year has become a sort of bible for many people working in decoration, interior design and architecture – the reader can see the possibilities offered by concepts such as technical curtains, blinds, awnings, Wind Screens and Bioclimatic Pergolas.

Concepts that, thanks to the many possible combinations we offer in terms of configurations, colours and finishes for each product, allow users to enjoy the home of their dreams inside and out.

The result of a way of understanding work

In the words of Pedro Giménez, Saxun’s Managing Director, “This document not only contains the widest selection of our available products. This document shows our way of understanding our work and our concern to satisfy all our customers’ needs in a single meeting. With us, a designer knows that both the patio and the inside of the home or business is protected.”

According to Luis Mataix, Saxun’s Marketing Director, “We have created material that is of great interest to the professional and easy to digest for the end user. It shows the possibilities of each of the products with a very clear goal: for the user to be clear about what they need and how they can get it.”

A philosophy that has led to our products to being installed in some of the most exclusive restaurants and homes in the country.

Don’t miss it.”