Wind Screen

Wind screen and bioclimatic pergola in terraced housing

The pergola shown here is mounted directly on the wall and is held up by two columns, creating a structure with slats that run perpendicular to the main wall and incorporating a free drainage system which prevents rain from damaging the structure.


Building a house on the side of a mountain is a dream for many people who want to live close to the city and at the same time enjoy the calm that country life offers.

In one of these houses, located in the city of Petrer and forty kilometres from Alicante, this installation of Saxun’s Bioclimatic Pergola, with Wind Screen, has been made to ensure comfort throughout the 365 days of the year.

The manufacture of the structure and white slats aims at total integration with the modern and minimalist architecture of a space that, due to its geographical location, requires special protection.

Not only must users be protected from the thermal variations that exist in the mountains of the interior of the Autonomous Community of Valencia, but they also have to share their afternoons of leisure with the annoying winds that are generated in the valley.

To solve this problem, we have chosen to install Dante Wind Screens, with an easily accessible straight drawer.

These blinds, specially designed for outdoors, are able to resist the strongest winds and isolate the space, protecting the terrace and turning it into another room of the home.

A space-saving solution that, in the hottest months, is very useful for blocking out annoying transverse sun rays.

An idea of perfect marriage that, by combining two of Saxun’s most innovative products, is already making life easier for users all over the planet.

For privacy reasons the location is not precise