Vertical Blind

Vertical curtains for creating comfort at work

Maintaining a thermally and visually comfortable workspace is increasingly valued among labour productivity gurus.


In one of those workplaces concerned with maximising the performance of its workers, trust was placed in Saxun’s vertical curtains to give the space its own personality.

This product, which fits perfectly with the most functional decoration of the workplaces, stands out for its ability give order to the space, generating straight lines that keep the workers, who spend 8 hours a day in these facilities, calm and balanced.

As is the norm with Saxun’s interior sun protection products, the vertical curtains can be made in a variety of colours, fabrics and opening factors, creating a personalised feel that meets the needs of each space. In fact, in this particular job, you can see how depending on the room, the opacity level increases or decreases according to on the location of the window to be protected.

In this case it has been decided to motorise them for greater ease-of-use through the technology of Somfy, a French company and partner of Saxun in the development of some of its most advanced home automation systems.

Thanks to the use of these high-precision drive systems, workers will always be able to ensure an optimum level of light and comfort, gaining in convenience and passing on this feeling in their daily work.

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