Vertical Blind

Vertical curtain giving personality to modern housing

A solution designed to make that apartment that we’ve been dreaming about for so long, that much more inhabitable.


Much has been written in recent years about how the decoration of a home ends up influencing the mood and emotional balance of its inhabitants.

That is why the different movements, based on the theories of feng shui, have developed more and more followers who consider that the choice of elements such as curtains affect the mood of our everyday life.

This must have been the thinking of the inhabitants of this house, who chose a collection system that uses the horizontal displacement of 250-millimetre slats, allowing light to enter, giving a greater sense of order to the space.

If the choice of curtains is a decision that ends up marking the character of those who live in it, then the colour is the great aesthetic challenge for the designer of the room. In this case, colour 5403 was chosen, favouring total integration between the product and the decoration.


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