Vertical Blind

Vertical curtain blinds bring harmony to a family home

Today we’re at the home of a good friend to have a closer look at an installation of vertical curtain blinds in two of the rooms where people spend the most time: the kitchen and the living room.


It is in these spaces, with their large windows, that it is so important to keep light levels and temperature comfortable for people going about their everyday life studying, working or relaxing in the spaces.

In this case, we can see how the blinds play with the sunlight and create straight lines that order the space and keep the people who live in the house feeling calm and balanced.

As with roller blinds, and as can be seen in the photos, vertical curtain blinds come in a wide variety of colours, fabrics and spacings to create an individual feel to suit the needs of each space.

In fact, this product is so customisable that on the blind in the kitchen we can see a plant motif designed by the owner of the house.

An example of custom-made aesthetics that balances illumination and protection, letting through enough light for what people are doing in the house while shielding against the sun and maintaining the right temperature.

The owners also decided to motorise their chosen blinds for ease of use using technology from Somfy, a French business that works with Saxun on the development of some of its most advanced home automation systems.

A clear example of how the integration of different sun protection systems can 100% protect the spaces that matter most.

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