Timesburg, an alternative terrace

Timesburg, one of the most nationally recognised burger chains – among the most demanding palates when it comes to burgers – has decided to convert its terrace into a cosy space where the comfort of its diners is always guaranteed.


In a local, friendly atmosphere, situated in the financial centre of the capital, hamburger lovers can delight in tasting, under the peaceful shade of its terrace, some innovative culinary creations with their own identity.

Timesburg has achieved this by installing Aneas 80×80 awnings, a new and optimised awning system, ideal for any type of terrace due to the many ways it can be installed, which provides customers with all the comfort they need to savour these delicacies of Madrid gastronomy, prepared with top-quality ingredients.

We have opted for a lodge configuration with beams, which gives the structure great stability and allows the installation of other Saxun solutions, such as Eros or Wind Screen, always with a future option to expand the space or adapt it to new needs as they arise.

It has a simple manual operating system that facilitates the task of opening and closing throughout the day. With a simple action, and depending on the weather conditions at the time, you can cover or uncover the terrace in a matter of seconds just by pulling on its ropes.

The multiple possibilities it provides, both in terms of installation and operation, as well as its automation and domotics, make it a very versatile product, with an infinite number of configurations, suitable for any type of terrace, whether residential or, as in this case, for business.

With a structure lacquered in colour RAL 9011, complemented with a 2979 Perla canvas, the perfect balance is achieved between the careful aesthetics required by the taste for detail in the property, and the practical functions demanded by regular diners, who come to experience a unique and alternative dining experience from that of more traditional burger bars.

The new Saxun system includes LED lighting so that the space can be used regardless of the time of day, ensuring that it can still be enjoyed after nightfalls in Madrid.

Because by choosing these protection systems, which put the welfare of diners first, you will not only improve the image of your business, you will also increase its turnover, by increasing your chances of being chosen over other competing options during the hot summer days of the central peninsula.

Undoubtedly, a very cost-effective solution. In short, a Saxun solution.


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