Venecianas de madera

The venetian blinds at El Capicho

El Capricho de Raquel is one of the trendiest restaurants in Urbanova, one of the most popular coastal districts for locals in Elche and Alicante to relax by the sea and switch off from everyday life.


To complete an ambitious interior design project, which included other Saxun products such as Aneas Awnings and a Dante Wind Screen, white wooden Venetian blinds with doorknobs were fitted to add warmth to a room that fuses avant-garde decorative elements with more traditional features.

In the words of the head of the company, “our intention with this decoration was to make the customer feel special, combining the comfort of the most avant-garde decorative style with those little details that remind our visitors of home cooking, prepared with tender loving care”.

And the most outstanding feature of this product is how easy it is to adjust the level of light intensity to suit the needs of diners who choose the Capricho de Raquel for the comfort of its facilities.

From an aesthetic perspective, the horizontal lines of light formed by the slats play with shadows to give the space a sense of order and convey stillness and calm, sensations that are so necessary in the world right now.

It is also a solution that provides the customer with energy savings that are more than significant.

A solution that has helped make El Capricho de Raquel one of the top destinations in the province of Alicante.

Paseo Tomás Dura.

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