Venecianas de madera

Stores vénitiens en bois dans un restaurant à Madrid

The decoration – inspired by natural motifs that seek to evoke country landscapes – is one of the most sought after in establishments that aspire to create islands of disconnection within our major cities.


An example of this is the Carbón Negro Restaurant, located in Madrid’s central Calle Juan Bravo, where natural plants merge with wood to create an atmosphere that helps diners forget about the stress that one of the busiest neighbourhoods in the Spanish capital can cause.

For this installation, the client turned to Saxun Toldos Alberche to install 31 wooden Venetian blinds in various sizes, in order to protect the windows’ interiors from the sun, ensure a tranquil dining experience and give a finishing touch of design to a space that fuses traditional systems with the latest lines and technologies.

The installation of 50-millimetre slats with the 601 bamboo finish achieves perfect integration with the design of the premises, stopping exterior heat from penetrating the room and creating plays of light and shade that will delight diners.

The manufacture of these Venetian blinds, with a maximum height of five and a half metres, enables them to cover even the largest windows, demonstrating the traditional set-up of one of Saxun’s longest-standing systems.

Thanks to Saxun’s Venetian blinds, the street view from inside the restaurant itself becomes yet another reason to choose Carbón Negro as a place to eat during the week, or to have a drink in one of the most fashionable areas in Madrid’s afterwork scene.

Furthermore, everything is fully motorised using Sonesse RTS technology, an emitter developed by Somfy to operate all types of indoor curtains with maximum silence and without disturbing customer well-being at any time.

A solution that meets the needs of the most demanding interior designers and increases the profitability of the space in which it is installed.

A solution made in Saxun.

calle juan bravo, madrid.

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