Bioclimatic Pergola

In & Out solutions for a home at the

As Howard Payne said: “Home sweet home”, and when you’re aiming to make your home your haven from the hustle and bustle of the world, it’s time for a comprehensive, practical project like this one, with its evident versatility and comfort.


An elegant penthouse with three of Saxun’s most practical solutions, integrating seamlessly to maximise the potential of the space and ensure comfortable temperatures 365 days a year.

The predominantly neutral colour scheme and minimalist aesthetics of the penthouse led the owners to choose a Bioclimatic Pergola with moveable slats and a network of intelligent sensors for automatic response to conditions to ensure comfort under its shade at all times.

The white lacquered structure and slats perfectly complement the chosen roller blinds. The blinds make the space cosy as well as providing the screening and protection from the heat they are known for.

The home is protected on the outside by 7 SRS awnings. Versatile externally mounted, cutting-edge design systems to protect against the direct rays of the low sun that can be so annoying in the early morning and evening and stop them from shining into the home.

They are also very hard-wearing with complete protection for the awning in its case to make the product more durable.

Fully motorised and automated, the products used on this terrace are natural temperature regulators, making the home work for its owners, so that the only thing they have to think about when they get home is to enjoy the space.

Clearly a very well planned project that has made the terrace the most welcoming space in the home, and is bound to lead to lower electricity bills.