Paneles deslizantes

Sliding panels in a renovated home

Today we visited the home of a good friend to see first hand how our sliding panels are installed in the dining room of a recently renovated house.


In search of the greatest thermal and aesthetic comfort, the owner of the house has chosen one of our new Sax Screen fabrics in colour 2100, adapting perfectly to the decoration of a space that seeks its own personality.

This fabric, with a weight per square metre of 210 grams, stands out for its stability, always perfectly integrated with the needs of the home and creating a sensation of weightlessness that surprises lovers of the most avant-garde interior design.

A perfect solution which, as demonstrated in this project, can be used to cover windows of various sizes and which adds a touch of exclusivity to all kinds of spaces.

An elegant and minimalist system which, through its forms and its smooth sliding, brings a new level of exclusivity to all types of spaces.

A timeless system that will always adapt to the harmonious needs of each space”

For privacy reasons the location is not precise

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