Roller Blinds

Separation of office spaces using roller blinds

Inndex is a consulting firm specialising in construction solutions for the hotel sector, it sought a formula for separating spaces and converting a large hall into a convertible space.


By using the Saxun Roller Blind, incorporating one of the black-out fabrics, a differentiated space is created that can be used for business meetings, talks and even company social events.

In the case of activities that require little light, such as the projection of images or content, Saxun’s black-out technology ensures maximum visual comfort in the space without having to leave the entire hall in darkness.

And if lighting comfort is important, temperature comfort is no less so. Thanks to Saxun roller blinds, the space will reduce thermal transmittance and allow for greater efficiency in the use of heating and cooling systems.


A solution that can also be seen by hundreds of potential customers throughout the year, as these offices are the best showroom of a company aimed at changing the way we understand the customer-supplier relationship within the sector.

If you want to get to know them, they are waiting for you in central Madrid.


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