Roller Blinds

Roller blinds to maintain an ideal temperature in offices

Thanks to Saxun the space has managed to successfully fuse functionality and design, achieving a beautiful product that fits perfectly with the company’s corporate philosophy.


A company located within the Autonomous Community of Valencia needed a product with which to successfully merge functionality and design in the facilities of its headquarters.

The objective was to achieve a space in which the comfort of the workers would help to improve their productivity and, at the same time, give it a personality of its own for visiting client from all over the country throughout the year.

Thanks to Saxun’s blinds, the company’s Board of Directors has found the ideal solution, relying on specific opening factors for each room. In this way, it is possible to adapt the light intensity to the needs of each office, thus improving the visual comfort of workers.


Saxun blinds help to create a comfortable lighting environment for workers, as the intensity of the light that penetrates through the fabric can be adapted according to the requirements of each space. You can see in this case how a meeting room, a private office and a recreation area use different fabric choices depending on how the space is used. But the commitment to comfort does not end there, as they also offer a high level of thermal comfort, which is very useful when you need to limit the effect of the sun’s rays and maintain a perfect indoor temperature throughout the year.

This also reduces the need for electrical heating and air-conditioning appliances, which form a large part of a business’ electricity bill.

Visual comfort is accompanied by unparalleled thermal comfort, as Saxun blinds reduce thermal transmittance and allow much more efficient heating and air conditioning.

A commitment to savings that helps companies reduce costs and improve employee performance.


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