Roller Blinds

Roller blinds protecting office users in Andalusia

With Saxun blinds, employees achieved a high level of lighting comfort due to the varying levels of openness. This meant that light was able to be filtered to suit the needs for each particular activity.


A company located in the province of Cádiz needed to protect its offices from the sunny weather during the hottest months in southern Spain.

The challenge posed by the company’s managers was to achieve a comfortable space for workers during the hottest time of the year. In a city where temperatures above 30 degrees are common between June and September, this challenge had to be taken up by a company with sound economic solvency.

A company like Saxun, with its wide range of roller blinds, is capable of finding the necessary solution to achieve maximum thermal comfort while not affecting the aesthetic requirements of the different rooms.

This product is designed to reduce thermal transmittance and thus allow a much more rational use of heating and air conditioning. In a place like this, where the air conditioning is working at full capacity for five or six months a year, profitability starts to be noticed from the first summer in which they are installed.

A benefit available to companies that believe in growth while respecting the environment.


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