Roller Blinds

Roller blinds in la sierra home

Madrid is one of the busiest cities in Europe and millions of people wander through its streets every day, living their professional and personal lives at a faster pace than those living in less populated areas.


The owners of the home that we’re presenting today live that reality and have decided to build a house set apart from the city to stop time and enjoy being with their family in a pleasant environment.

To achieve this, they have chosen a selection of Saxun’s Sax Screen 5500 Roller Blinds, designed to ensure user comfort and privacy.

In the photographs accompanying this article, you can see how the blinds have been installed in various rooms of the home, shielding spaces such as the bedrooms, the hall, the bathrooms and the various living rooms in the home.


To ensure that the system integrates perfectly with the decorative style and construction of the home, the designers have chosen shade 4501 for most of the windows, with the high contrast shade 4512 for the large windows overlooking the garden.

With this combination of colours, the user achieves a visual harmony based on contrast, ensuring the solar protection systems integrate perfectly into the avant-garde style of the home.

The decision to opt for a high level of openness by those living in the home helps light to penetrate the home more easily, helping to bring the brightness of the home’s surroundings into the home itself.




With the help of this type of blind, thermal transmittance is also reduced very significantly. This reduces the need for heating during cold winter nights, consequently reducing the cost of running these electrical appliances.

This last feature is especially useful in the Sierra Madrileña, where the temperature variation between the coldest and hottest days of the year is very high.

Because top quality thermal enclosure is the perfect finishing touch for those who design their homes with the aim of creating spaces of the utmost comfort.

For privacy reasons the location is not precise

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