Roller Blinds

Roller blind in a single-family duplex

A solution that is the result of work in R&D+A that leads to the most valued application for 21st century homes: energy saving.


The province of Jaén is, according to all the meteorological statistical studies, the hottest place in the Iberian Peninsula.

There, in a family home and under the shelter of some of our awnings, installed on the outside of the wall, four blinds have been mounted that perfectly complement the protection against the sun’s effects in a space designed for the enjoyment of the family.

The installation of the systems using a double bracket, allows the choice of two blinds with different configurations. In this way, the user can select the opening factor to be used according to the time of day or the season.


Functionality and aesthetics are within reach

So that this does not happen, from Saxun we present our wide range of roller blinds, which are easy to install and have Giménez Ganga’s guarantee.

Thanks to the infinite combinations of systems and fabric types in which Saxun blinds are available, they will always integrate both aesthetically and technically according to the needs of each space.

The choice of the drawer, the terminal and the colours of the fabric, are perfectly adapted to the functional decoration of a living room in which the inhabitants of the home will spend much of their time throughout the life of the space.

With this solution from Saxun, the space will enjoy maximum protection while allowing the inhabitants of the home to maximise savings on both heating and air conditioning.

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