Bioclimatic Pergola

Minimalist protection in a single-family home

The Saxun Bioclimatic Pergola is the perfect solution when you want to enjoy the outdoor space of your home all year round.
Its ability to naturally regulate the temperature, while keeping the room effectively protected from the sun’s annoying rays, or the rain or snow, makes it one of the company’s star products.


In Murcia, where the summers are especially hot, we find this detached home in an exclusive residential area, which serves as a refuge for a family passionate about the Mediterranean climate.

To make the most of times spent outdoors, they have decided to cover the terrace with two Bioclimatic Pergolas, which will be used to eliminate the barriers that bad weather conditions put in the way of outdoor living.

Supported on two columns and anchored directly to the exterior wall, covering the entire terrace has been achieved in a practical and simple way, thus expanding the space for relaxation and enjoyment.

The space then becomes an ideal place to rest and relax during the hottest months. Thanks to the action of the mobile slats guided by luminosity sensors, air will circulate below the pergola while it simultaneously blocks the sun’s intrusive rays, creating an optimal environment underneath it turning the pergola into a key ally for those pleasant summer siestas.

Both the adjustable slats and the structure are lacquered in white, integrating perfectly with the minimalist style and straight lines of the house.

The softness of their predominant colours form a homogeneous aesthetic whole with the pergolas, being configured, just like an aesthetically elegant visual element with a discreet style.

The trademark perimeter sealing and the rainwater channelling system built into the structure will help to keep the patio dry even during the rainiest times of year, ensuring that any family living there can enjoy outdoor living at any time of year whatever the weather.