Protecting paradise

With views like these surrounding your home, it’s no wonder you want to spend as much time there as possible.


To make staying at home easier, thermal and lighting comfort must be optimised, helping to make sure that nothing alters the idyllic surroundings that so many would envy.

We’ve already spoken about this piece of paradise on the coast of Granada, but we didn’t talk about its Elba model box awnings.

They are the solution the owners chose to help them take in these wonderful views every day, just a step away from their outside gate.

Manufactured entirely from aluminium to guarantee chromatic uniformity, they combine perfectly with the white textile to integrate perfectly with the eclectic, simple and minimalist style of the exterior façade.

The mechanical fixing elements are hidden, which massively improves its aesthetic, and they are ideal for protecting large surface areas, as in this case.

And as if this were not enough, they are compatible with Somfy, a tool which enables the awnings to become smart awnings thanks to their wind and rain sensors. These sensors allow the awnings to retract in case of adverse weather conditions where they are fully protected in their box, thus prolonging their useful life.

Definitely a smart choice.
Definitely a Saxun solution.