Bioclimatic Pergola

Functional protection at an Alicante penthouse

It’s not the space, it’s what you do with the space.
Converting the terrace of a town penthouse is inspiring when it shows us the transformative potential of ideas.


Having your own personalised space, where you can do the things that make you feel good every day, is a luxury that should be available to everyone.

At a penthouse terrace on the Alicante coast, the owner decided to convert the outdoor space into another room, where daily life can be lived regardless of the weather.

They were well advised, giving the project good prospects for success.

The installation combines aesthetics and functionality and has created a versatile space which as a result is more useful, ready for the owner to use to the full.

In this case the owner chose a P-190 Bioclimatic Pergola lacquered in RAL 7016 in combination with RAL 1015 for the upper movable slats which goes perfectly with the palette of the walls.

LED lighting has also been added to make a perfect spot to enjoy the evenings.

A Saxun solution that combines versatility and comfort, thanks to home automation and a built-in network of intelligent sensors for constant autonomous self-regulation to ensure perfect conditions throughout the day.


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