Bioclimatic Pergola

Protection in paradise

The gentle sea breeze, the pleasant smell of salt, the intense blue of the sea reflected in your eyes, the pleasant warmth of the sun caressing your face, the absolute silence and breathing such pure air in such an amazingly idyllic setting right on your doorstep… It’s a privilege that only a lucky few can enjoy!


This paradisiacal and exclusive location, on the shores of the coast of Granada, stands as a haven of peace and quiet for a family determined to enjoy their days outdoors in the most comfortable manner possible, experiencing every moment under the best thermal conditions.

For this purpose, their greatest ally has proved to be our star product: The P -190 Bioclimatic Pergola, which makes it possible to expand the living area in which these wonderful views may be enjoyed, with no work required.

With both its structure and its slats made of high-resistance aluminium and finished in a textured 7034 colour, it incorporates an intelligent network of sensors that allows it to manage itself according to the prevailing atmospheric elements at any given time, always creating a perfect shade underneath it which may be enjoyed all year round.

It functions even on the windiest days as it incorporates Dante 2165 Wind Screens, also finished in a textured 4212 colour, which provide it with the desired chromatic synchrony and act as the perfect enclosure when the space needs to be insulated from wind, light or glare, while also offering privacy. The product presents high wind resistance and is ideal for open installations of this type.

The icing on the cake is the motorisation and home automation features that all the protection systems mentioned above incorporate, allowing them to function as the user desires even in their absence.
This ease of operation from any location puts your home at your disposal, so that you can arrive and find it in whatever state you desire, making it your favourite place to be.
A 100% customised solution for 100% personal spaces.
A combination of design, distinction and elegance,
A Saxun combination.

Playa la Herradura, Granada.