Bioclimatic Pergola

Protection with charm

Today, we travel to the well-known Elche area to discover a very cosy corner in the mountains. 
A single-family house where each space is imbued with the soul of the residents, who choose comfort and a welcoming atmosphere.


Each room is designed for enjoyment, which is why they decided to install a Bioclimatic Pergola on the terrace. The pergola becomes an extension of the house, where you can enjoy spending time in the company of friends and family.

The Bioclimatic Pergola works well with other types of enclosures and sun protection systems from Saxun. It also offers the possibility of automation and home automation, which adds extra functionality to the product, as it adapts to the range of temperatures experienced throughout the day.

On this occasion, the installation of the two-column wall-mounted pergola with parallel slats works together perfectly, both aesthetically and architecturally, with the whole house, thanks to the high degree of customisation offered by Saxun.

The colour contrast selected smooths the set-up’s appearance,  making it a very attractive feature.

It is a highly resistant product, thanks to the extruded aluminium structure that gives it extra resistance, leading to greater durability.

The finish in a RAL 7016 colour and the movable slats, finished in a RAL 9016 colour, create the perfect combination for this purpose.

The result is more than obvious: a perfect nook to enjoy the mild climate that Elche offers throughout the year.

In short, a very charming space.