Bioclimatic Pergola

Pergola installed on urban penthouse terraces

The person living in this apartment can therefore make use of their terrace all year round, with the product acting as a natural temperature regulator with the ability to effectively protect the property from bothersome sun rays, rain or snow.


Elche is one of the most unique cities in Spain. With two World Heritage Sites and a privileged climate sheltered by the immense palm grove that surrounds it, this age-old enclave is one of the places with the highest quality of life in the country.

And with a view to this privileged environment, the beneficiary of this installation acquired a penthouse with a terrace from which to enjoy the best company throughout the 365 days of the year.

To achieve this, the Saxun Bioclimatic Pergola was chosen, mounted directly on the wall, supported by two columns and lacquered in silver to achieve a perfect combination with the minimalist decoration of industrial shades in the house.

Thanks to the action of the mobile slats guided by light and wind sensors, a room is achieved in which the sun’s rays are permanently blocked, the air circulates inside cooling the terrace and making the pergola the best ally for those endless summer afternoons.

And if it’s useful in the summer, what about the winter? Knowing that you can leave furniture or toys on the terrace safe in the knowledge that they won’t get wet no matter how much it rains?

The Saxun Pergola is not just a sun protection system.

The Saxun Pergola is an ally at the service of the comfort of users who demand the highest quality for their homes.

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