Bioclimatic Pergola in an exclusive part of Murcia

Today we’re visiting one of the most exclusive areas of Murcia – where our sun protection systems are more essential than anywhere else in Europe.


With their sweltering summers where temperatures can be as high as 40 degrees, our Bioclimatic Pergolas with movable slats are the perfect solution to be able to enjoy life in outdoor spaces, where time with family and friends is so much more rewarding. 

In this case, 3 large pergolas have been installed. The structure and upper slats are lacquered in RAL 9016 and manufactured entirely in the best extruded aluminium, creating a product that is resistant not just to sunlight and corrosion, but to heavy rain and wind as well.

So that the pergola can be used at any time of day, lighting has been incorporated on all the profiling so that any time, even at night, is the perfect time to enjoy being together with other people.

Its automated system means it automatically adapts to the weather, to create the best and most energy-efficient internal climate.

The goal: make the home a beautiful haven of peace and comfort

A goal that Saxun specialises in meeting.

Torres de Cotillas.

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