Bioclimatic Pergola

Pergola and Elba: A perfect pairing

The Valencian Community contains a number of different residential areas where people live in constant contact with nature, looking to switch off from their hectic daily lives.


Two of Saxun’s most popular products have been installed in one of these wellness homes: a Bioclimatic Pergola and an Elba awning.

The bioclimatic pergola has a RAL 7004 colour coating and is supported by two columns and mounted directly on the wall; it also integrates perfectly with the avant-garde architecture of the newly built home.

The proximity of the pool to the main home and a garden that is perfect for kids to enjoy make this space created under the structure of the pergola ideal for rest, relaxation and family fun during the hottest months of the year.

The action of the motorised mobile slats guided by light sensors enable air to circulate within the space while it simultaneously blocks the sun’s intrusive rays, making the pergola a key ally for an afternoon of games with friends.

Furthermore, thanks to the trademark perimeter sealing and the rainwater channelling system built into the product’s structure, the patio will remain dry even on the rainiest days in April and September, ensuring that any family living there can enjoy outdoor living 365 days a year.

And while the pergola effectively creates a unique space outside the home, the four Elba awnings installed on two of the main building’s façades provide protection to half the perimeter of the home, sheltering the main rooms from the sun’s rays.

They are wall-mounted, manufactured using cutting-edge acrylic fabric and their aerodynamic design allows wind to pass by easily, so they can be adapted to any kind of outdoor architecture.

Thanks to their heavy-duty articulated arms with an internal tensioning system, the awnings chosen by the residents of this home provide excellent performance in all kinds of weather conditions, whether the awning is open or closed.

When open, the state-of-the-art sensor network will make sure the awning closes automatically if the wind become strong enough to damage the system’s structure.

When closed, the high-quality aluminium cassette provides maximum protection for both the fabric and the arms.

It is a technical and aesthetic solution of the highest level that hides the mechanical fixtures to create a smoother appearance.

A solution that raises the comfort of a home to new dimensions, improving the quality of life for its users.

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