Kiara y Wind Screens en casa de autor

Today we travel to Muchamiel to learn about the project that our friend Ana Argelés has developed in her private home.


As you can see in the images, it is a home planned from the first moment with the aim of reducing electricity consumption as much as possible and taking advantage of natural light as much as possible.

To achieve this efficiency, the architect has opted for two of our most outstanding systems: the Kiara awnings and the Wind Screen Dante.

The first, with its 100% metallic structure, achieves an elegant color appearance that blends in perfectly with the contrasts that the entire door and window profiles create with the main façade.

The choice of a Solrain color 8268 finish guarantees the maintenance of aesthetic uniformity while achieving remarkable performance in terms of reflection of the sun’s rays and resistance to humidity.

And to achieve fully protected windows, Ana has opted for the Wind Screen Dante, with a straight drawer and with a profile lacquered in the same color as the Kiara awnings, they manage to keep the heat bags outside, significantly reducing the temperature in the interior of the house.

Thanks to this system, and the performance provided by Sauleda fabrics, the designer will achieve total protection from winds and rain, being very useful in a region like Alicante, where the equinoctial seasons are especially windy.

And how could it be otherwise in the home of one of the most outstanding architects of the Valencian Community, all systems are automated and domotized thanks to the inclusion of sensor and motorization systems from Somfy, a trusted supplier of all products. developed by Giménez Ganga.

A home that demonstrates the potential of Saxun when asked for maximum performance.

A home that is the best example of what Saxun is capable of.

For privacy reasons the location is not precise

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